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Contracted Deliveries

Contracted Deliveries

Contracted deliveries will allow us to handle your delivery service, while you put your energy into running your business.
Same Day Deliveries

Our Promise

Contracted service package comes with a variety of optimal features for every customer, including such benefits as:

  • Fully tracked vehicles to monitor the delivery of your products
  • Our vehicles redesigned to bear your company livery
  • Security checked driver, wearing your own company uniform and ID card
  • Use of your company paperwork
  • Complete discretion to ensure that only your brand and business name are visible
  • Your own Account Manager, who will handle any queries or problems that may arise
  • An experienced traffic team who works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The above services are optional. As a client, you’re entitled to a basic standard of an all-white vehicle operated by our driver.

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